About Us

About SEO Lead Creation

Made up of a team of veteran marketers, our firm prospects lots of business each week finding small business owners interested in website design services. We’ve developed a near-flawless prospecting process that generates qualified leads, and ensures their motivation in SEO services &web design services is sincere and motivated.

Only the highest quality leads are sent out to our clients. By taking the time to directly contact every business lead and communicate with them about their website design and SEO needs, we are able to generate potential clients for our customers on a routine basis.


Why Choose Us?

  • 1. Our leads are fresh, qualified and high quality.
  • 2. Contact business owners interested in your SEO services &web design.
  • 3. Support representatives are widely available email and Skype 24X7.
  • 4. Outsourcing lead generation will increase employee productivity.
  • 5. Lead deliveries are conveniently organized and scheduled to cater to our client’s needs.

Suppose your order for UK (England) leads then our working
strategy is as follow:

Let me tell you, how we generate the leads?

  • First we open: – www.google.co.uk (United Kingdom), then we put the keyword “Real Estate Investments England”. We open each website from the page 2-3, then we click on the “contact us” button. If form is there, we fill all the information and in the message we send our SEO script. If email ID is found, we send emails to them.
  • Second: – We have purchased some email extractor software to collect the email ids. We get email ids according to our targeted keywords. Then we send emails to them.
  • Third: – If someone is interested then we send it to our client. After forwarding you the leads we will send you the full contact information of that lead like: – Owner Name, Business Name, Website URL, Phone number, Message etc.